London Marathon 2023 - Club Place

This is a final call for anyone wishing to be entered into the draw fo the Club place for the 2023 London Marathon. 

I have 19 numbers who are registered with EA currently. The Club will draw names out of a hat of those who are eligible.

As a reminder the current Club Rules state that the club place is available to any First Claim Crewkerne Running Club member who paid their subs and extra EA fee before 1st May 2022 and has not had the club place in the past 3 years and who has applied and been rejected for the 2023 event.

If nobody meets the above then the place can be drawn from other applicants at the discretion of the committee

Can I please ask that anyone who has applied and been rejected, inform me either by email or Facebook messenger. The deadline is the 30th of November and the draw will take place at the next committee meeting on Wednesday 14th December.


Martin Cook

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Hon Sec