Exeter Park Run - Clive Harwood

After my success at my 2nd attempt at the Montacute park run to take the course record in my rather elderly age group 65-69 and subsequent improvement on my next park run to lower the time i thought  i would try elsewhere.

I decided on the Exeter parkside run. I read that the route was flat and with the power of technology i googled the course and time i needed to achieve.
Went to our caravan at Sandy Bay to enable an early arrival. Woken in the night to really heavy rain lashing down then a long clap of thunder. Raining a little when we left 7.45. With the power of sat nav wr arrived at the car park very near the start. Walked around the quay as the sun came out to give perfect conditions.
A lot of activity on the water with single scullers gliding silently along and 6 persons crews.

We were called to a briefing prior to the start. I lined up about 4 rows back. The countdown wad called out and away. A little way on grass then tarmac. Over a river bridge and soon on gravel tracks. This continued untill we popped through a hedge onto the university sports field. I think that may have been a mile . Over a differant bridge and tarmac to almost the finnish then a section of grass. Did not check watch at any time just went as  hard as i could for as long as i could.

Was given the plastic chip place and saw that i was 22nd. The bar code office was at the climbing wall building nearby. I believe i pressurised myself somewhat by telling many club fellow runners of my intention to try and take the age category record that stood at 20.27 by Bob Minting. After taking his Montacute record, why not.
Am very pleased to say i recorded 19.52. This gave me an age grading of 85.23%. Well pleased with that.
Have seen another i will have a crack at soon. In hindsight, Exeter has to be the flatest park run around so if you want to knock your time down, this is the one to do.p