Out the door at stupid o`clock on Sunday morning and off to Rushmore Estate somewhere in Wiltshire. On arrival we could see that this really was a beautiful part of the country to hold a running event, we parked up and off we ambled to collect our numbers, Kay almost thought for a minute she had got out of it being there wasn’t a number with her name on it!! But of course they was both in my name being I very kindly entered her for the race lol, numbers got and back to the bus to pin  them on.

By this time Tony turned up quick chat and off he went for his number. But of course whilst us mere half marathon runners was relaxing our very own Nick Sale was off out doing the Ultra.

So the time had come to line up, for me and Kay this was going to be our first off road half, scary thought for a couple of road runners, at least we got to start on the road for a short distance then it was sharp left and off down some country lane within the first mile we had 7 or 8 young deer running across our path “amazing”. The course isn’t flat by any means and you seem to be climbing forever but you get some awesome views of the countryside when you do eventually get to the top. And as for the Aid stations they are brilliant  there`s a whole range of goodies for you to choose from, gels, cake, sweeties and even cocktail sausages. Even though this is quite a challenging course we both very much enjoyed ourselves.

 With just a couple of miles left to go we reached the famous Love Station, there was a massive selection of food and drink for everyone to choose from and of course there was cider which you just got to try!! Could of stayed there all day but we still had a race to finish so off we went. Not long after leaving the Love Station we was joined by Nick who looked like he hadn’t done anything! We at least had some nice downhill running now, but the trouble is it’s all up hill to the finish, and at last we crossed the finish line.

If this is anything to go by then White Star Running events are a must to do!! Well marshalled, lots of direction signs and there`s photos being taken all around the course which are free to download and you also get a decent medal and a tech shirt at the finish.

 Almost forgot to mention the race day mascot!! Brian.

 Some of you will get this, as for the rest of you yep we are totally barking!!