Tin Tin 10K - Ed Stahl

TIN TIN 10k  - Ed Stahl
Part of the Somerset series, the tin tin ten was a thoroughly well run race, friendly marshalls and a great new course. Hundreds of runners ran with many being from Crewkerne which was a nice sight. Being part of the somerset series always means many of the serious athletes come out to run to get all important positions, so it was of no surprise to see the likes of Kieran Young, Jason Scott and the like there. 
The race begun in a very low key fashion with the race director just saying go without anyone knowing until the front runners leaped ahead. Taking me by surprise i started the race and due to the course layout, meant that i was around 20th with no position to move until we reached the road section. Concerned that the leaders were getting away from me, i pushed on and eventually caught up with Jason, who was currently in 4th position. 
So begun the most arduous and enjoyable two miles of a 10k race in many a year as myself, Jason Scott and Phil Bridge battled it out to see who would break first. Through fields, up hills and along lanes, the three of us each tried to break the others spirit, and it was only after a long hill that one of us cracked. It was Jason that cracked and he later said it was due to his fast start that hurt him. So it was left to Phil and myself but this didnt last long as Phil smelling blood, pushed up the next hill and dropped me. Phil had sights on the yeovil man in front and duely passed.
A thoroughly enjoyable race and it seemed as if the other crewkerne runners felt the same.
1st Kieran Young    36:11
4th Ed Stahl             37:16
5th Jason Scott       37:33
7th. Nick Sale          38:58
13. Paul Thomas     41:25
69. Andy Dickinson 50:58
70. Tony Gordon     51:13
75. Kirsten Irish       52:38
130. Hilary Askew   1.17:23