Parrett Trail Relay Leg 7

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Start Location

Haselbury Mill, Crewkerne, TA18 7NY

Start Time

1:30 PM (registration from 1:00 PM)

End Location

Winyards Gap, Cheddington, DT8 3HY

Cut off Time

2:30 PM


5.4 miles


More information can be found here


Running Directions

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Distance (miles)


  Arrive at Haselbury Mill
0.0 Race starts on opposite side of main road, access is via tunnel under road.
  Continue along right hand side of field crossing river via gated bridge
  Continue along field with river to left, passing through various gates with signs indicating Parrett Trail (one & two)
 0.8 Follow river Parrett passing farm to right on top of hill
  Pass through another gate
  After next gate turn left crossing river via wooden footbridge
  Continue directly across field heading towards style
  Climb steep hill passing to left of Oak tree
  Cross style at top of hill
  Continue across field heading towards agricultural buildings and gate
 1.2 Cross style to right of gate and continue along muddy track and down metalled lane
 1.5 Turn right off lane, following footpath into field
  Follow footpath across field (one & two)
 1.7 Exit field via small wooden gate into lane
  Continue down lane, passing North Perrott Church on left
 1.9 At junction with main road through North Perrott village turn right
 2.0 At right hand bend in road bear left following small lane passing cottages on both sides of lane
 2.2 Turn right off lane down gravelled drive, following footpath past cottages
  Pass through small metal gate into field
  Follow left hand boundaryof field down hill (one & two)
  At bottom of hill pass through metal gate
 2.6 Cross next field to wooden gate at right hand boundary of field and cross river
  On entering next field pass small coppice on left hand side
  Run towards telegraph pole and pylon in distance
 2.8 Cross railway line with care (look both ways)
  After crossing railway line head towards pylon (one & two)
  Pass through gates into next field (one & two)
  Head towards farm buildings and gate
 3.2 Turn left into lane passing farm on left
 3.6 Just before entering village of South Perrott, turn right into field, marked Parrett Trail
  Cross field heading towards two right most houses
  Exit field via path to left of houses
  Continue through parking area turning right
  Follow grassed path into field
  Turn left in field heading towards South Perrott Church
 3.8 Cross main road through South Perrott with care and run up Church Hill towards Church
  Pass through metal gates at entrance to Church
  Directly after gates turn left, following wall through Church grounds (one & two)
  Pass through gate at end of Church grounds, follow path between fences with paddock on right
  Exit via gate to right of bungalow with many aerials
 4.0 On entering lane turn right
  Turn left to resume Parrett Trail, passing old farm buildings to left and farmhouse to right
  Continue along Parrett Trail, running through river bed (one, two & three)
  Enter childrens play area passing through small wooden gate
  Bear right to exit play area via another wooden gate
  Pass through curvy style into field
  Head towards metal gate
  Exit field passing through gate with concrete water trough to left of gate
  Continue uphill towards tree lined boundary on left
  Pass through metal gate at start of tree lined field boundary
  Pass through next metal gate and bear right, continuing uphill
  Follow painted wooden posts to top of hill (one, two & three)
  Continue to top of hill leaving field via gate to left of field boundary (one & two)
 5.3 Turn left into lane
 5.4 Continue along lane towards finish at Winyards Gap Pub