Crewkerne to Westbay

16 Miles of Mud

Saturday 2nd January 2016 - Tim Hoyle

This was an unusual day to host a CRC running event, however this proved to be the better day of the weekend. The heavy rain cleared just in time for the start at the GRC at 08:00.

Four of us (Wendy, Tracy, Andy and myself) started from the GRC picking up the rest of the group (Chris, Fran, Darren, Caroline, Clive, Linda, Dave and of course Zara)  at various points along Station Road.

We headed across the fields from Misterton church. The river crossing, which is normally a trivial matter of hopping across a small stream was our first indication as  to just how wet and slippery the conditions would be throughout the remainder of the run. The river was fast and deep and the banks surrounding it were very slippery. The easiest option was to jump in and get our feet properly wet for the first time !

We returned to the narrow lanes taking us up the steep hill to Mosterton. From Mosterton we made our way towards Beaminster via the picturesque footpath from Chedington to Buckham Down, the ridge of hills north of Beaminster. The conditions on this path were wetter and muddier than we have experienced on any previous run. Staying upright was a challenge which all runners accomplished. Tracy appeared to particularly enjoy this section of the run !

We reached the top of Buckham Down ...


and posed for a group photo...

We arrived at the square in Beaminster approximately 30 minutes behind schedule, which wasn't bad considering the conditions. From there we made our way to Netherbury, at which point the faster runners went ahead cross country while those preferring a gentler pace continued by road to Waytown. The cross country conditions at this stage were very slippery making progress difficult.

From Oxbridge the remainder of the run down to West Bay was pretty uneventful. Some of the group enjoyed a well earned snack and drink at West Bay.

Thank you to all those that took part for your support and cheerful company.